Air Braces

Joint surgeries – particularly in the leg – will often result in an air brace for the duration of outpatient procedures to help keep any swelling to a minimum. This is most commonly practice with foot and ankle surgeries, but is also seen on wrist as well. At the same time, the brace immobilizes the joint to prevent any injury during the recovery process. Air braces must be pumped up to, and maintained at, a specific pressure, and this is accomplished through a simple hand pump. But this leaves a large amount of room for patient error, where they forget to keep the brace inflated, or pump it to a lower or higher pressure than desired for recovery.

Unfortunately, air braces will often also cause muscle atrophy during recovery, lengthening the amount of time needed in physical therapy to fully recover.


Electrostimulation is a relatively new technology, that uses controlled, low-power impulses of electricity to cause muscle contractions and expansions. It has been used to treat joint and muscle pains, cramps, and to help during physical therapies. There are many different kinds of electrostimulation, we selected TENS for its compact size and low power requirements.

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